Trust Nito mouse Right-hand RF Wireless 2200 DPI

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Weight: 0.14kg
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Full Grip On Your Work With the Trust Nito you’ve got one less thing to worry about during your workday. This wireless mouse has an ergonomic design, convenient thumb buttons and a wireless range of 10 metres. You even have full control over the speed of your cursor. The rubber inlay ensures you’ve got a firm grip on this mouse, so don’t worry about anything other than the job at hand. Design Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Trust Nito you’ll keep using this mouse comfortably, even during long days. The two thumb buttons, which allow you to easily browse through files and the web for example, are conveniently placed. And due to the rubber inlay your hand stays where you want it to be; with a firm grip on your work. Wireless Range You move around a lot during your day? Well, don’t worry about it. The Nito has a wireless range of 10m, which allows you to move around freely. The USB micro receiver makes sure of it. And when you’re done working, just place the receiver in the mouse itself so you’ll always know where to find it. Indicator There’s a LED indicator on the Trust Nito which tells you when it’s becoming time to replace the battery, so you won’t be surprised by it during an important presentation. It also tells you which DPI setting you’re using, because you can choose from 5 different speeds (8001200160018002200 DPI). Control is everything.
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