Health & Safety Policy

Northamber is the longest established trade-only distributor of IT, Document Management and AV Solutions and equipment in the UK. Since 1980, Northamber has been widely recognised as the largest UK owned trade-only distributor within the industry.

Northamber is committed to ensuring that the workplace, work equipment and working environment are safe for the benefit of employees, contractors or visitors, in so far as they come into contact with Northamber, or its activities.

Our commitment to this health and safety policy is incorporated into business activities through the following principles:
  • Meet our legal obligations to maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Implementation of effective management control through development and maintenance of a health and safety organisation and structure in which responsibilities and accountability are clearly defined and understood
  • Adoption of risk assessment techniques to enable hazards and risks to be identified and resources to be properly allocated with priorities set for action
  • Ensure  that all employees are aware of health and safety procedures which affect them and that adequate training is given in the use of all equipment on the premises, with specific reference to health and safety
  • Establish and update as necessary, objectives and standards against which Company performance can be measured and areas of weakness identified
  • Establishment of arrangements to secure advice and assistance on health and safety matters as necessary from competent independent specialists
  • Promote employee consultation and participation in health and safety matters
John Henry, Operations Director
May 2020