Export Information

Due to concerns for national security, regional stability, terrorist activity etc., the US and/or UK Governments have placed foreign trade restrictions of various strengths on numerous countries around the world. Northamber holds details of such trade restrictions, which must be adhered to.

Acceptable Countries

It is permitted to process export orders, and/or to supply export supporting documentation, for orders that are destined for the following locations:
  • United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Eire (Republic of Ireland)
  • Channel Islands & Isle of Man
  • Members of the E.U.

Unacceptable Countries with a Reporting Requirement

Under no circumstances are orders to be taken, or any other information given, if it appears that the order is destined for - either directly or indirectly - any country that appears on the following list:
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Syria

If any such order or enquiry is received, Northamber has a legal responsibility to report such information to government authorities and the manufacturer of the requested products.