Wasp WDI4200 Handheld bar code reader 1D/2D LED Black, Grey

SKU: WASP002847
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Weight: 0.4kg
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Wasp WDI4200 2D Barcode Scanner The Wasp WDI4200 2D barcode scanner is compact, lightweight, ergonomic and efficient. It is able to read long and truncated 1D barcodes and larger 2D barcodes from close distances and from different angles, whether printed or displayed on a smartphone or tablet. It also features green spot technology for visual goodread feedback and a beeper for audio goodread feedback, which can be silenced when needed. The Wasp WDI4200 is built to last: It includes rubber over the seams to protect it when dropped. It is IP42 rated against water and dust and is drop resistant up to 5 ft. These characteristics make the Wasp WDI4200 2D Barcode Scanner the perfect data collector device for a broad range of industries and applications such as: Retail, light manufacturing, document and billing processing, banking and financial environments and more.
  • Wasp Barcode Technologies

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