WatchGuard Promotions

15% Off* WatchGuard AuthPoint Hardware Tokens for 10 Users

AuthPoint time-based hardware tokens are sealed electronic devices that generate secure one-time passwords (OTPs) every 30 seconds. *When purchased with any WG Authpoint or Passport product.



Not For Resale – Passport Security

NOW with Panda AD360 End Point Security

• Complete one third of your End Point specialisation with the Passport NFR • Passport 1yr NFR now available at your distributor for just £.01 • Passport now includes: Panda AD360, authPoint DNS, WatchGo • Order SKU WGPSP891 at distribution • End Point Specialisation is now live



• No Promo Code Required • Non stackable with another promotion • Maximum 50 seats • Deal Registration not available • Duty and Import costs may apply depending on the country


*Offer ends 31/12/20.Terms and conditions apply, call for details.



Technical Training Promotion (Part of WatchGuardONE Program)

• Complete technical training and pass WatchGuard Essentials Kryterion test • Purchase 3-year Firebox T20-W for $99 USD + Shipping costs OR • Purchase 3-year Firebox T40-W for $199 USD + Shipping costs • Includes Total Security Suite


• Sold to individual, not to reseller • Sold direct through WatchGuard • May only purchase one product from each category (Firebox/AP) • Contact your local office for shipping cost estimates • *Not available in Latin America


*Offer is ongoing. Terms and conditions apply, call for details.



SchoolMate–Gov/Edu Discount Program

Qualifying government, education, and non-profit institutions can earn additional savings when purchasing WatchGuard products to secure their networks

*Offer is ongoing. Terms and conditions apply, call for details.



Security Pays Spiff Program –Now With Trade Ups!

Earn real money for participating and selling WatchGuard solutions.

Open to all active WatchGuardONE Partners, Security Pays is one of the most lucrative programs in the industry. Eligible WatchGuard Products includes T20, T35, T35 Rugged, T40, T80, M270, M370, M470, M570, M440, M670, M4600, M5600, AP420, AP327X, AP325, AP125, AuthPoint and Panda AD360 (NEW).

*Spiff amounts may change throughout the year. Terms and conditions apply, call for details.


WatchGuard AP327X – Extend your Trusted Wireless Environment to the outdoors

Today more than ever, people expect Wi-Fi access no matter where they are – outside, camping, even in walk-in freezers. This IP67-rated access point (AP) comes equipped with four N-Type connectors to support a variety of external antennas.

Whether your project requires 360-degree coverage, narrow-beam directional, or longer distance point-to-point, the AP327X protects your Wi-Fi network in the harshest environments. The AP327X extends your Trusted Wireless Environment to ideal locations such as school campuses, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, public hotspots, municipal Wi-Fi, and other outdoor or harsh weather deployments. Unlock the full potential of the AP327X when managed by the Wi-Fi Cloud for Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) security, intelligent network visibility and troubleshooting of wired and wireless issues, location-based analytics, guest engagement and marketing tools. For more details call the WatchGuard Team on 020 8296 7015.

WatchGuard Appliances

Ask us about our security installation & deployment services, talk to our dedicated solutions team on 020 8296 7015.

Tabletop Firebox Appliances

Small form factor, high performance, total security, tabletop appliances with optional built-in Wi-Fi capabilities ideal for SMB and branch office locations.

Rack-Mount Firebox Appliances

1U rack-mount, total security appliances with screaming fast performance ideal for mid-sized and distributed enterprise organisations.

Virtual/Cloud Firebox Solutions

All of the performance and total security and none of the hardware, ideal for any size organisation moving their IT infrastructure to a private or public cloud.

AuthPoint – MFA That's Powerfully Easy

AuthPoint, WatchGuard's multi-factor authentication solution, helps your customers keep their assets, accounts, and user identities secure.


Northamber is committed to strengthening our customers business wherever possible by providing fully-accredited training to help drive your sales and profitability.

By engaging with Northamber and the WatchGuardONE partner program, we enable you to grow your business by selling margin-rich, best-of-breed security products, all backed by an award-winning channel focused vendor.

For more on the benefits of WatchGuardONE talk to one of our Solutions team on 020 8296 7015.


Become a WatchGuard Authorised Partner with Northamber.


WatchGuard is proud to introduce a program that recognises and supports industry-leading technology  companies and new innovators. The WatchGuardOne Essentials is a powerful opportunity  for companies that integrate their products with WatchGuard’s best-in-class network security solutions.

As a Technology Partner, you receive technical, marketing, and sales support as well as additional benefits  associated to your partnership level: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Together, we will help customers overcome some of their greatest integration challenges.


• Recognised as a WatchGuardONE Essentials Partner

• Partner Listing on WatchGuard Public Website

• Rights to Use WatchGuardONE Technology Partner Logos

• 30% Discount of RRP

• NFR Appliance Requirements

• 1 x Technical person to take Essential course & Exam

• 1 x Sales Person to watch sale training online

• 1 x NFR appliance T70 or above*

*Price for the NFR please request from account manager not included in the Course