Olympus ODMS R7 1 license(s)

MPN: V7410510E000
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ODMS R7 provides two modules designed for the two key roles in professional dictation. Depending on the purchased dictation hardware the customer gets either a license for the Dictation Module or for the Transcription Module. Both modules have an interface to the locally installed speech recognition software, Dragon by Nuance. By this means the customer is free to decide between three methods of turning speech into text: Classic Dictation, Automatic Transcription and Advanced Transcription. ODMS R7 as a Standalone Mode is typically installed into environments that do not have a requirement for centralized management and deployment. Standalone mode is better suited for smaller network environments where dictations are likely to be stored on as ingle server/host machine or emailed to the transcriptionist.
  • Olympus

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