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Philips dictations solutions are developed to turn speech to text as easy and reliable as possible and improve day-to-day work of busy professionals, allowing them to simply work smarter!


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Philips SpS – Service provides Success

Philips SpS is a number of Service and Support packages designed to give your customers the best possible experience of the Philips Dictation brand.

  • Professional implementation, support and training direct from Philips.
  • Charge your customers for these services and make more revenue.
  • Benefit from an association with a prestigious brand that may help you win business/larger roll out or tender opportunities.

How can SpS benefit our resellers:

Grow your customer base

  • Offer the customer the peace of mind of manufacturer-backed implementation and support.
  • Through an in-depthdiscovery with the client, we can ensure that the correct solution is recommended and implemented.
  • Increase your revenue through additional chargeable services and solutions.

Large or complex projects

  • Specialist, full solution implementation packages specifically designed for single users through to enterprise size projects.
  • Perform extensive installation efficiently and with quality.
  • You will be equipped for projects in complex environments (virtual environments) with specialist integrations (such as SpeechKit).

Resource allocation

  • Bridge unforeseen absences (sickness or staff turnover) to ensure high levels of service can continue for your customers
  • Cover vacation to ensure high levels of service can continue for your customers.
  • For larger rollouts/projects you can release and divert your resources to other clients/projects if required.

Renewable revenue

  • The renewable support contract goes hand-in-hand with the move to software-as-a-service (subscription model).
  • We offer the support contract which gives you a secondary renewalable revenue stream (besides the software subscription).
  • Support would be direct with Speech Processing; therefore, you would not require a resource in order to fulfill.

Increased customer touch-points

  • Increased customer touch-points during discovery, installation and post implementation to cement the customer relationship.
  • Increased touch-points give you and Speech Processing the ability to make the customer “sticky” leading too…

Opportunities to upsell

  • “Sticky” customers give you a great opportunity to upsell, be that hardware or services.
  • Good customer relationships lead to customer loyalty, and they will come back to you to replenish hardware requirements.


Find out more about the benefits of the new Philips SpS services - click here to email our Philips expert.


Philips SpeechLive Webinar Video

Northamber's product specialist Dominic Hoskins is joined by Dan Thompson from Philips to give you an overview of Philips SpeechLive - their new Cloud-based dictation solution.


Philips SpeechLive: Making speech-to-text even easier

Philips SpeechLive is mobile and works from anywhere!

With its flexible, browser-based, on-demand cloud solution Philips SpeechLive going from speech-to-text has never been easier. It offers you full mobility. You can now take control of your entire dictation workflow, no matter if you are in the office or on the go.

The most efficient and accurate way to convert your speech to text in 3 steps..

1. Record your voice
2. Select your transcription option
3. Receive text file

Now available with a no obligation 30 day free trial. Call for more details.

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SpeechExec 11: Recurring revenue for you, portable licenses for your customers

Resellers benefits:

Generate recurring revenue (SE11 must be renewed every 2 years).

Increase touch points with your customer for cross-sale and up-sale opportunities.

Customer benefits:

Never upgrade again (always up to date, always compatible).

Work on multiple PCs (License assigned to user, not to PC – much greater flexibility).

Call our experts on 020 8296 7066 for more details on this exciting release from Philips.

Three ways how Philips protects medical staff through hygienic working

No breeding ground for germs

Philips SpeechMike has been tested according to the high-quality standards of ISO 856: 2019 (effect of microorganisms on plastics).

Anti-static properties of housing

In addition, the anti-static agents protect the device like a shield against the transmission of germs and fungi from the air.

Easy disinfection

The entire Philips SpeechMike can be cleaned and disinfected with conventional cleaning agents which will not alter its unique properties.


From the No.1 in Professional Dictation


Philips Dictation is the driving force in voice technology for over 60 years, developing ground-breaking products that turn speech into text. Philips outstanding digital voice recorders, innovative speech recognition solutions and dictation workflow software improve productivity, allowing busy professionals to work as efficiently as possible.

Why Philips Dictation

We believe in the power of simplicity. Our speech to text solutions save you time and enhance your daily business life by improving your document creation processes. Our outstanding reputation for quality and reliability has made us the global number one in the professional dictation market. At Philips Dictation we are the only full provider of end-to-end voice to text solutions, ranging from professional digital voice recorders right through to advanced dictation workflow software and speech recognition services.

Mobile Dictation Hardware

PocketMemo Portfolio – Dictation and Transcription Sets – Smartphone app


Desktop Dictation Hardware

SpeechMike Portfolio


Dictation and Transcription Workflow

SpeechExec 11 Software - SpeechLive Cloud Dictation – Speech Recognition - Smartphone Dictation


Transcription & Accessories

SpeechExec Transcription Sets - Accessories


Solutions for all industries


The benefits that the Philips SpeechLive speech recognition application offers for the Board’s lawyers, who produce up to as many as 2,000 statements a year, are indisputable.



The Walton chose the Philips Pocket Memo DPM8500 recorders, which offer 256bit file encryption, PIN access, and USB mass storage protection, ensuring the Walton Centre could meet its Information Governance targets.



Switching from analogue tapes to digital document creation.


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