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For more than 50 years, visual technology company, EIZO, has been developing, innovating and building the ultimate precision and reliability in monitors and visual display solutions. 

EIZO can be found anywhere excellent image quality is a must. They offer the latest solutions in flexibility, connectivity, creativity and workability.

First class image quality, unrivalled connectivity solutions and outstanding ergonomics: that’s what sits at the heart of the EIZO FlexScan range. Whether you’re searching for monitors for the office, a wider business or home with well known quality credentials and a five year warranty, these solutions are the best on the market.

Outstanding Connectivity

The outstanding connectivity – not to mention the countless clean desk options it enables, EIZO FlexScan monitors makes every work station tidier, more flexible and more reliable.

Phenomenal Image Quality

You can always rely on excellent image reproduction with an EIZO office monitor, which gives razor sharp images, precise hues and greyscale tones along with outstanding viewing angle stability.

Optimal Ergonomics

Our office monitors are equipped with innovative ergonomic features such as a flexibly adjustable stand, an anti-reflective screen and the EIZO unique Auto EcoView functionality

A Great Long-Term Investment

Monitors by EIZO offer you a considerably longer service life than conventional models, meaning the durability of our monitors helps protect the environment and save resources

Industry leading warranty

Our inhouse production, high end materials , ongoing research further development and quality controls all allow EIZO to provide a market leading five year warranty for our monitors.

FlexScan Series


FlexScan Brochure


Specialists in every industry

FlexScan EV2795

27 inch Outstanding Connectivity Flexible Docking Station Monitor

FlexScan EV2460

24 inch IPS Panel and Narrow Bezel Monitor for Modern Office Environments

FlexScan EV2495

24 inch Outstanding Connectivity Flexible Docking Station Monitor


32 inch Frameless USB C 4K Multi-monitor System and Modern Offices Monitor

For better colour quality, clarity and uniformity, the EIZO ColorEdge range has unbeatable colour match on screen, offering the best solution in the creative market. Whether working with photography or design for print, ColorEdge provides professional solutions for creative outputs.

Excellent Colour Rendering

When it comes to colour accuracy, how well a monitor can differentiate between colour tones is of fundamental importance. Enjoy images that are true to original with absolutely realistic colours.

Maximum image quality

Designed to maintain consisten colour from capture to print. Whether it be at the photo studio or the printing office, using ColorEdge throughout your workflow ensures the same colour information is shared at each step of the process.

Complete Ergonomic Design

EIZO’s ColorEdge monitors are equipped with innovative ergonomic features such as a flexibly adjusted stand, an anti-reflective screen, light protected cover (CG models) and ColorNavigator intuitive calibration software.

Industry leading Warranty

Thanks to the continuous research, development and quality controls EIZO can offer an extra-long five year onsite manufactures warranty, including an onsite swap program.

ColorEdge CG Series 

The EIZO ColorEdge CG Professional Range is split into three sections: 4k Definition, High Definition and HDR, so you’ve got all the technology you need to really see the detail in your work. There are six monitors in the range with screen sizes ranging from 24” to 31” all covering 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut. Other benefits include a 3D Look-Up Table, True Black display and Out of Gamut Warning, built in colour calibrator along with the industry-leading EIZO on-site 5-year warranty.


ColorEdge CS Series  

The EIZO ColorEdge CS Range is designed to help take your appreciation of colour and detail to a whole new level. All ColorEdge CS monitors come with EIZO’s own Digital Uniformity Equalizer, smooth colour gradation, IZO’s ColorNavigator calibration software to keep your images as colourful and vivid as they are in real life, along with the industry-leading EIZO 5-year on-site warranty.


ColorEdge CG319X

31 inch 4K HDR Video Editing and Colour Accurate Monitor

ColorEdge CG279X

27 inch Professional HDR Wide Colour Gamut Monitor

ColorEdge CS2740

27 inch High Definition 4K UHD USB-C Colour Accurate

ColorEdge Prominence CG3146

4K Production Workflow HDR and SDR Monitor

IP decoding solutions that are easy to install and can be operated without a computer.

Using a computer for video surveillance can frequently prove undesirable, or even impossible due to space limitations. EIZO IP decoding solutions address this very issue by offering a variety of solutions for a wide range of applications: from the complete solution with IP decoding monitors, including integrated image optimisation functions, to the extremely flexible IP decoding box that can be combined with nearly any monitor in different screen diagonals and resolutions of up to 4K UHD.

Monitors for Home Office

1. Connection to IP video surveillance system without a computer 

2. Perfect solutions for use in monitor walls, installations with large screen diagonals and high resolutions, live streams in businesses, building, underground carparks, outdoor areas and access controls 

3. High reliability and long product life cycle 

4. Suitable for 24/7 use

The traditional solution is a thing of the past

Transmitting video surveillance images from the IP camera to a surveillance monitor used to be a complex task. A PC with the relevant software and peripherals was required so that the image signal from the IP camera could be output to the monitor. This meant expenses for software licences, anti-virus and data protection software and system maintenance, as well as hardware equipment, which required space, ports and connections.

Integrated solution with EIZO decoding monitors

The IP decoding monitors from EIZO offer a significantly less cluttered approach that requires substantially less effort and expense. They can connect to surveillance cameras from the network without any need for a computer. The monitors are easily controlled via a web interface or an APO integrated into the VMS and can also manage IP surveillance cameras. The IP decoding monitors are also equipped with diverse image optimisation functions (for example, for the improved display of dark areas in the underground carparks).

Total flexibility with the IP decoding box

The IP decoding box from EIZO is particularly suitable for monitor walls or various screen diagonals and screen resolutions. The fact it can be connected to the video network without a computer also means neither a computer nor software are required. The compact box can be attached to monitors using a VESA attachment, which saves space. Extensive functionalities and compatibility turn the EIZO IP decoding box into a highly flexible and space-saving solution module.

DuraVision Series


DuraVision FDF2382

23 inch Multi-touch Durable Monitor

Alert to Action for Hospitals

The EIZO DuraVision IP Solution

The new way of working

2021 marks a new way of working for many businesses around the UK. 

An increase in working from home seems inevitable, even as hope of vaccine rollouts and a return to normality is on the
horizon. In 2021 and beyond, most managers are likely to deal with more staff working flexibly, meaning more time away
from the main office hub. This includes helping teams to create optimal set ups and caring for each member. No matter
where you and your team are working, EIZO and Northamber are here to help. 

Do you have everything you need?

This handy checklist provides all the elements you need to think about in terms of comfort, capability and productivity.

Ergonomic Chair
Keyboard and Mouse
A dedicated work space

Be your best from anywhere       

Watch EIZO’s quick video to learn how to work and be your best from anywhere

Where Are You Working

This report gives an overview of our research into opinions, issues and preferences from people around the UK when it comes to working from home and flexible work arrangements.


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trivago relies on EIZO monitors at its new company campus based in the MedienHafen in Dusseldorf, Germany. Work stations for up to 2100 employees have been equipped with FlexScan screens

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Energy Saving Trust

Since 2017 Energy Saving Trust have deployed the energy-efficient office monitors FlexScan EV2450 across their regional offices.

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Since 2013 Savills has been purchasing EIZO FlexScan monitors for its HQ and regional offices in the UK and Europe. To date over 3000 FlexScan Ecoview monitors have been servicing all of Savills monitor needs.

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The National Gallery

The National Gallery in London relies on EIZO ColorEdge monitors for the digitalisation of their artworks.

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Skydance Media

Production company Skydance Media relied on ColorEdge monitors from EIZO to create the VFX for the film Terminator: Dark Fate.

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Edmonton Transit Service

The Canadian transport company Edmonton Transit Service uses an integrated video surveillance solution with EIZO IP decoding monitors and the Genetec VMS to monitor train stations.

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Walibi Holland

This FDF2304W-IP Decoder Monitor solution provides us with huge flexibility when displaying the various IP video images. Installation is very quick and saves us a lot of time.

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Kindred Health Transitional Care and Rehabilitation

Thanks to deploying IP decoder monitors, the staff at the Kindred Health rehabilitation centre can view up to 16 different camera images from any of the nursing stations.

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