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Bronze: Projector (Sony VPL-DX221), Screen (Sapphire SWS270BV), Speakers (ConXeasy S603)

Silver: Projector (Sony VPL-EW575), Screen (Sapphire SWS200WSF10), Speakers (ConXeasy SWA401)

Gold: Projector (Sony VPL-PHZ10), Screen (Sapphire SEWS240RWSF-ATR10), Speakers (ConXeasy SWA401)


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Why Sony?

Sony are a major professional in the world of consumer and professional imaging technology, with a rich history in a wide range of applications from moviemaking to broadcasting, and from medical equipment to business and educational products.
Their engineers have a deep and broad experience in imaging technologies and a passion for creating products that deliver a first-class experience for the user. They’ve created innovations in lenses, image sensors, image processors, IP transmission, display devices and light sources, and are committed to ensuring every one of their products benefits from their experience in innovation.

Beautiful detail and rich colours

Sony's advanced Z-Phosphor laser light source is teamed with 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology to deliver consistently crisp, bright high-contrast images bursting with rich colour and fine detail. Reality Creation technology analyses the input signal right down to the pixel level and powerful pattern matching enhances crispness of on-screen images and text without adding digital picture noise.

Smarter style in every situation

From lecture theatres and large auditoriums to office boardrooms, reception lobbies and meeting spaces – the sleek, elegant monoplate design of our laser projectors blends effortlessly into any environment. And as a further refined touch, smart cable management keeps installation neat and tidy.

Download these PDF resources

Solutions for dynamic learning experiences & business environments.

Sony Education Brochure


Sony Corporate Brochure


Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays

Sony BRAVIA large format display screens and digital signage public displays ensure the highest quality image reproduction for every environment and application.

• Secure web-based content management and delivery

• Scalable, easy to learn and bandwidth-efficient

Medium Displays (43-65")

• Attention-grabbing 4K image quality to engage every audience

• Professional features for corporate and education applications

• Reliable and energy efficient with low running costs


Large Displays (75-85")

• Big, bold, unmissable 4K images

• Professional features for corporate and education applications

• Reliable and energy efficient with low running costs


Sony Professional Projectors

Engage your audience with versatile, energy-efficient projectors by Sony for schools, colleges and universities. Long-life lamps and smart energy-saving features drive down operating costs while reducing environmental impact. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding venues, Sony business projectors offer the highest quality images combined with reliability and energy efficiency.

• Laser and Lamp projectors ideal for corperate and education

• 4K SXRD Projectors for visualisation and simulation

• High brightness, stunning colour, crisp images and low running costs

Laser Projectors

• Stunning pictures with lower running costs

• Low-hassle operation with low maintenance operation

• Efficient designs for flexible installation


Lamp Projectors

• Richly-detailed, high impact images

• A range of projectors for every application

• High-brightness images with excellent colour and contrast


Short-Throw and Portable Projectors

• Ideal for a range of applications

• Short-throw projectors for bright images with less distracting shadows

• Stylish and portable desktop models with energy-saving features


Projector Accessories

• Replacement lamps and interchangeable lenses

• Interactive pens and Wi-Fi modules

• Ceiling brackets for flexible installation



What is TEOS?

Sony are working with organisations to bring in the next generation of smart buildings—enabling real-time collaboration between employees and new levels of productivity. TEOS is a complete suite of workplace management solutions, designed to make the smart workplace a reality. Orchestrate your entire workspace centrally, with personalised signage, efficient room booking and technologies to enable more efficient communication and collaboration. The workplace of the future is already here. And it’s powered by TEOS.

Ensure everyone receives the right welcome

First impressions count. Do all your visitors experience the same service when they arrive? Receptionists can be an expensive luxury and when there’s a call or queue, guests are left waiting. TEOS Reception makes check-in faster and more cost-effective. Greet your guests with personalised signage and allow them to sign in and out simply while instantly letting employees know when their visitors have arrived.

Get the most out of your meeting spaces

Employees waste 33 minutes a day related to meetings. TEOS Book makes it easy to find and book meetings rooms quickly, either through your existing central booking system or using the interactive display outside the meeting room itself. No more jumping into a free meeting room only to be asked to leave 10 minutes later.

Buying Guide: How to choose your projector

What brightness? What resolution? Lamp or laser? Our buying guide helps you select the ideal projector for every environment: from offices, boardrooms and public spaces to classrooms, auditoriums and lecture theatres.

What kind of projector do I need?

It all depends what you want to do. Our light, compact desktop and portable projectors are easy to carry between classrooms or meeting spaces. For larger venues like lecture halls and auditoriums you’ll need the higher light output, serious features and connectivity options of our installation projectors. If you’re tight on space, our Ultra Short Throw projectors are a very popular choice for classrooms and small meting rooms.

How bright do I need?

You’ll see the brightness of all our projectors measured in lumens. More brightness makes all the difference if you want to present without dimming the room lights or drawing the curtains. At the other end of the scale, models like our VPL-FHZ120L laser installation projector offer an impressive 12,000 lumens – ample brightness for large lecture theatres, auditoriums and public venues.

What resolution do I need?

Measured in pixels, resolution is a good indicator of your projector’s ability to clearly show fine details. The higher the resolution the better, allowing audiences to see sharply-defined graphics, video and small text. WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels resolution) offers plenty of crisp detail: ideal for making presentations direct from a laptop or PC. WUXGA (1920 x 1080 pixels) models give even more detail – the same as a Full HD television.

Portable or permanently installed?

Projectors essentially fall into two classes. As the name suggests, portable or desktop models are light and compact, making them easy to carry between meeting rooms or training suites. Our energy-efficient portable projectors benefit from features like quick start-up, saving time at the start of a lesson. Installation projectors aren’t designed to move around. Bigger, heavier and brighter than desktop models, they are typically installed on a wall or ceiling in larger boardrooms and lecture theatres. Plenty of connections allow integration into the room’s audio-visual system, while interchangeable lenses give installers more flexibility to deal with any room size or layout.

Lamp or laser?

The reliable laser light source in our projectors offers an impressive operating life of up to 20,000 hours. This makes laser particularly suitable for applications where the projector’s being used for extended periods of time. Conventional lamps, in comparison, require more frequent replacement. However, advanced Sony technology extends the lamp life of our latest models to as much 10,000 hours – reducing operating costs and reducing the risk of sudden lamp failures half way through a presentation.

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