Wasp CountIt + WDT2200, 1 User bar coding software

Wasp CountIt - Inventory Software with WDT2200

Using QuickBooks® or a spreadsheet to track your inventory? Tired of incorrect on-hand inventory levels? Fed up with the time-consuming, error-prone process of...

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Wasp CountIt - Inventory Software with WDT2200

Using QuickBooks® or a spreadsheet to track your inventory? Tired of incorrect on-hand inventory levels? Fed up with the time-consuming, error-prone process of taking manual inventory counts? Let Wasp CountIt™ add efficiency to the task of taking inventory.

Wasp CountIt is an affordable, QuickBooks compatible software program dedicated to counting inventory. Download existing inventory information from QuickBooks directly to the mobile device, take inventory, and send the updated count data back to QuickBooks. If barcode labels are required, easily print these barcode labels from within CountIt to Wasp barcode printer or other laser printer.

Programs such as QuickBooks don’t work with portable data collectors to verify that on-hand inventory quantities are accurate. As a result, businesses are forced to use a slow, manual “pen and paper” inventory counting process. Then inventory counts have to be manually re-entered into QuickBooks. This manual process wastes time, money and leaves too much room for error. That’s where CountIt comes in.

Once Wasp CountIt is installed on your PC, the program and your existing QuickBooks or Excel® data can be sent to the Wasp WDT2200 Portable Data Terminal. The WDT2200 allows you to take inventory by scanning barcodes or entering data using the device’s keypad. After the new counts are taken, CountIt easily transfers the new inventory data back to your PC. CountIt allows you to update your existing QuickBooks inventory file with the new counts.

CountIt gives you the capability of using multiple mobile devices simultaneously to take counts and then transferring the new count data from all of them into one file.

Wasp CountIt is compatible with QuickBooks 2002 and later versions including 2007. It works in QuickBooks (US), QuickBooks UK, and QuickBooks Canadian.

With CountIt 2.0, you can eliminate the inefficiency of a paper system in 4 easy steps:
1) Use inventory data you already have in applications like QuickBooks® or Excel®.
2) Easily send this inventory data to the Wasp WDT2200 mobile scanning device.
3) Then use the mobile device to scan, count & verify your on-hand inventory.
4) Connect back with your PC and send the accurate inventory level to QuickBooks or Excel.

And if you need to print barcode labels (such as item or location labels) from your data use a Wasp barcode printer such as the WPL305, WPL606 or WPL330 or other laser printer. Print either single adhesive labels or adhesive label sheets.

CountIt Features:

- New Features in CountIt v2:
Easy connection between your PC and the Wasp WDT2200 Portable Data Terminal. Label Printing, allowing you to print adhesive barcode labels (single or sheets) from your data.
- Data import and export wizard:
Data import wizard walks you through the process of collecting data from a QuickBooks file.
- Easy Interface:
Wasp CountIt provides an intuitive interface that allows you to see any items that were counted, uncounted, discrepancies, double counted, and more!
- You’re in charge:
Accept or reject any individual item count and update only accurate information.
- Utilize the Power of QuickBooks:
Leverage your familiarity with QuickBooks or your existing spreadsheet program while adding the accuracy and speed of barcode scanning devices for physical inventory counts.
- Work with a QuickBooks file, text file, or .csv file.
- Count the items in moments and know what you have on-hand.
- Quick view function shows old counts, new counts, the difference between your new and old inventory counts, and new items.
- Inventory not barcoded?
CountIt allows you to print single or sheets of adhesive barcode labels from your data. Just add the any Wasp barcode printer, such as the WPL305, WPL650 or WPL330 to your solution or print to Avery 5160 labels via a laser printer.

WDT2200 Features:

- Integrated barcode scanner – (available in Laser or CCD LR).
- Rugged - can withstand a 4.92 feet (1.5 meter) free drop to concrete.
- Ergonomic - easy to carry and weighs less than 250 grams.
- Flexible - enter data with the 26-key alphanumeric keypad or barcode scanner.
- Endurance - rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 10 operation hours between recharges.
- Powerful - 2.5 meg of random access memory.

Full specifications:

System requirements

  • Minimum hard disk space 350 MB
  • Minimum RAM 128 MB
  • Minimum processor 200Mhz
  • Platform PC
  • Compatible operating systems Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server