Matrox Extio F2208 Dual Monitor KVM Optical Extender

High Performance, Dual Monitor KVM Optical Extender

- High performance, zero compression KVM optical extension up to 1 km from the PC1
- Supports up to 2 displays (DisplayPort™, Digital, or Analog) from...

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Namber code: SD0G6E72
Manufacturer SKU: XTO2-F2208F
RRP: £1,445.00

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High Performance, Dual Monitor KVM Optical Extender

- High performance, zero compression KVM optical extension up to 1 km from the PC1
- Supports up to 2 displays (DisplayPort™, Digital, or Analog) from a single appliance, fiber-optic cable and workstation2
- Independent and stretched mode support for 2x1 configurations
- Combine two Matrox PCIe interface cards, Matrox Extio F2208, Extio F2408, plus Extio F2408E Expander units to drive up to 16 DisplayPort and/or DVI displays, keyboard, mouse, audio and up to eight additional USB 2.0 ports at up to 1 km from the PC
- Clone multiple displays in two separate remote locations across two fiber-optic cables, while also stretching desktops
- Max. resolution of 2560x1600 (DisplayPort), & 1920x1200 (Digital, Analog) per display
- Fiber-optic connection allows raw, uncompressed data to travel between the remote host system and the user-side Extio F2208 appliance, resulting in unmatched HD resolution support and uncompromised workstation performance
- Designed for process control rooms, dispatch centers, and other mission-critical environments that require stable, reliable I/O extension technology
- Flexible connectivity with 5x USB 2.0 ports for keyboard, mouse, touch screens and other HIDs
- BIOS Level Keyboard Support enables basic keyboard functionality and access to the system BIOS directly from the user-side Extio F2208 appliance
- Extio Setup Utility (BIOS Level Configuration & Diagnostics) to verify and/or configure the fiber-optic transceiver, link status, USB ports, hardware mapping and device password protection
- Matrox Appliance Integrity Scanner to log device hardware/firmware configurations
- Matrox Appliance Configuration Utility to field upgrade firmware to take advantage of the latest features
- Wake from sleep/standby by pressing any keyboard key with select systems
- Passive cooling (heat sink with no fan) for silent operation and extra reliability
- PCI Express x1 fiber-optic interface card (Part # XTO2A-FESLPAF) sold separately
- Extensive operating system support for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux
- Intuitive and easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk 3.0 multi-display configuration and desktop management software

Hardware included3
- Matrox Extio F2208 remote graphics unit
- 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters
- Universal, external, 12-volt-DC, 5-amp, power adapter
- Power supply cable for various regions (North America / Japan, UK, Continental Europe, Australia)

Software included
- 32/64bit Matrox drivers for a variety of Microsoft® Windows® desktop/workstation/server operating systems, and Linux (a detailed list is available here).
- Matrox PowerDesk 3.0 (driver interface and utilities)

1 Extio F2208 ships with multi-mode transceivers supporting a maximum distance of 400m (1312'). Single Mode upgrade kit (Part # XTO2-2SMTXF) to support distances above 400m (1312') and up to 1 km (3280') sold separately.
2 Digital support via 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters included with Extio F2208. Analog support via DisplayPort to Analog (VGA) adapters available from 3rd party vendors. Contact Matrox for details.
3Fiber-optic cable and Matrox PCIe x1 interface card sold separately.

Full specifications:


  • Type Transmitter
  • Connectivity technology Wired
  • Maximum transfer distance 1000 m
  • Cable types supported Fiber
  • Maximum digital resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels
  • Maximum analog resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • On Screen Display (OSD) N
  • Colour of product Black
  • Certification ACMA, CE, FCC, VCCI


  • Transmitter local video port type DisplayPort
  • Transmitter local keyboard/mouse port type USB


  • Receiver local video port type DisplayPort
  • Receiver local keyboard/mouse port type USB

Technical details

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 299.7 x 29.2 x 143.7 mm