Products for the New Normal

Products for the new normal

COVID-19 has created global change like we have never seen before. A key part of the changes revolve around the new types of products being requested. For example, hand sanitiser dispensers and the high demand for other products such as webcams for Education.The products we need now are very different to what was being requested 9 months ago. Northamber are able to provide some of the new products available to help you serve your customers in the new world we live in.

Digital Signage / Way Finding

Now shops have started to open and offices are beginning to welcome employees back, the need to display information on how to do this safely has never been more important. Digital signage throughout the stores and workspace supports this by providing Way Finding information as well as reinforcing social distancing messaging. This additional information combined with more traditional forms of digital signage messaging such as retail promotions, business information etc. make the implementation of digital signage more important than ever before.


Hand Sanitiser Displays

Hygiene and sanitisation have been at the top of the public health agenda from the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and sustained government messaging ensures its importance will not be diminished in the future.

Customisable Messaging and Way Finding are also top of the agenda in most public spaces as well as in retail and education environments. Being able to remotely manage this as well as combining messaging with automatic hand sanitisation brings our customers the best of both worlds.



The massive spike in video calls triggered by the pandemic has led to a substantial increase in the demand for webcams as many office based workers work from home. The move to the hybrid working approach will continue for the foreseeable future. This change requires the need for similar specified equipment for home and office use, with higher specification webcams and PTZ cameras needed.


Temperature screening/Access control

As everyone is more conscious of their health and safety, visible thermal screening solutions are becoming commonplace before access is allowed in airports, train stations and workspaces. These solutions support risk prevention, for people already in these places and those who may show signs of illness by preventing access. Temperature screening provides a visual reassurance to travellers, shoppers, employees and customers that their personal health and safety is being taken seriously


Protective Screens

Your employee's safety in the office has never been more important. We need to find a way to adapt our office environment too with minimum disruption but with maximum care and attention. There are ranges of safety screen available that can provide a new way of working, creating distance in the workspace for a co-working environment.


Document Management

Businesses will need to adapt to the new normal and consider a new layout of their workspace and communal areas. Minimising touch points and reducing areas of high concentration is important to reduce the spread of contaminated equipment. In particular the use of stylus pens not fingers to drive menus will be encouraged as well as personal printers and scanners.


For a full detailed description, download our Workplace Guide