Zyxel XS3800-28 Managed L2+ 10G Ethernet (100/1000/10000) Black

SKU: XLY0089
MPN: XS3800-28-ZZ0101F
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Flexible port design XS380028 offers a maximum of 24 10G fiber ports or 12 10G copper ports that are for most flexible adoption to your networks. Essentials of a core switch XS380028 is suitable for network aggregation such as SMB or campus networks that require low latency and highdensity 10G backbone architectures with basic routing capability. Restore Button The "Restore" button saves the last workable configuration as the custom default, which allows you to fall back instantly in case of network misconfigurations. Dual Power Two PSUs support activestandby power redundancy that triggers backup power supply if the main unit fails. Designed for the long haul Quality hardware design is how Zyxel differentiate ourselves from others. We ensure stability and longevity for XS380028 for your networks.
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