Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service

Many customers have found that the sudden lockdown situation has caused them to spend all their CAPEX budgets in kitting out the workforce for remote working and collaboration. This has caused many projects to be delayed or even cancelled. To help address this for both resellers and end users, Northamber, working with Tech Subscription Services, has introduced HaaS to provide a new approach to acquiring equipment and services, that uses quarterly OPEX payments and has levels of flexibility that go beyond what traditional leasing would have provided.


By taking end of term value into account it also provides a surprisingly cost effective solution as well as allowing the end user to add products along the way, choose a suitable payment term and doesn’t affect the reseller’s credit limits. This approach solves the CAPEX issues and allows projects to continue.


Contact the HaaS specialists at Northamber for more information or to assist with closing any upcoming opportunities.


Partner Benefits

• Close larger deals

• Realise higher margins

• Supply all of the solution

• Get paid faster (typically 1 week)

• Vendor agnostic

• Global deployment

• Include managed services

End User Benefits

• Access to the latest technology

• Zero CAPEX - total OPEX

• No upfront costs

• Everything in a single agreement

• Add anything at any time

• Vendor agnostic

• Residual values benefit


CAPEX Explained

In simple terms, CAPEX (Capital Expenditure), is basically hard cash and large chunks of it. Historically, infrastructure, property, hardware, software, support, services, deployment etc show up on a company’s balance sheet, with an initial value attached as an asset. This initial value is written down (depreciated) over a period of time, typically 3–7 years. This has been considered the norm for large IT investments, but creates barriers for businesses with tight budgets and new businesses that want to take advantage of the best technologies available but don’t have the ready cash to hand. There has to be an alternative...


• Cash up front

• Products committed 3-7 years

• Asset and lifecycle management

• On going support / replacement costs


• Flexible quarterly payments

• 12/24/36 month terms

• Open framework agreements

• Single agreement, add further products at any time

• Products – vendor agnostic

• Residual values built in at start

• Can include hardware, software, support and services

• No impact on partner credit

• Increased margins and faster payments

• Options to keep some, all or replace


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