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Imaging Rewards.

How do I get rewards?






1,2,3, Draw - the Main Prize

There will be three winners, each having a choice of three different luxury prizes.

If you’re a winner, you can also choose your own prize, up to the equivalent value of 500,000 Imaging Rewards points. And you can take advantage of your Imaging Rewards concierge to help you create the prize of your dreams.



Imaging Rewards

Fujitsu's exciting, new, points-based benefits scheme available to all our registered Imaging Channel Partners, rewarding you for your sales, commitment and participation.

Rewards include

• The latest electronics – such as TVs, tablets and headphones
• Luxury holidays – such as trips to the Maldives and European getaways
• Exciting or relaxing experiences – such as white water rafting and massages
• Fashionable accessories – such as smartwatches and the latest handbags

How do I get rewards?

• Logging sales of Fujitsu Imaging products
• Participating in Fujitsu activities and events
• Certifying in any of our 4 specialist areas
• Plus a range of other product line promotions, incentives and special points giveaways
• A welcome bonus of 1,000 points for registering
• Referring other colleagues and partners to sign up

Register for
Imaging Rewards

your sales

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your progress


This Month's Reseller & Bonus Points

fi-7300NX – 2,400 bonus, 1,600 base

N7100– 3,000 bonus, 4,000 base

Warranty extension (Begins R1-EXTW; U1-EXTW; U2-EXTW; U3-EXTW; U4-EXTW; U5-EXTW; A1; A2; A3; A4; A5) – 400 bonus, 400 base

Bronze Service plan (Begins U1-BRZE; U2-BRZE; U3-BRZE; U4-BRZE; U5-BRZE) – 400 bonus, 600 base

Silver Service plan (Begins R1-SILV; U1-SILV; U2-SILV; U3-SILV; U4-SILV; U5-SILV) – 400 bonus, 800 base

Gold Service plan (Begins R1-GOLD; U1-GOLD; U2-GOLD; U3-GOLD; U4-GOLD; U5-GOLD) – 400 bonus, 1,200 base

Platinum Service plan (Begins R1-PLAT; U1-PLAT; U2-PLAT; U3-PLAT; U4-PLAT; U5-PLAT) – 400 bonus, 2,000 base

For more details on Fujitsu Imaging Rewards and to register visit https://www.imaging-channel-program.com/

Document Scanners by Fujitsu

From the award-winning Experts at Northamber

Fujitsu is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring state-of-the-art scanning solutions in the workgroup, departmental, and production-level scanner categories. Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, and great paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging applications.



ScanSnap scanners provide mobile and one-touch document imaging, perfect for the smaller organisation. Digitise all sorts of documents with ScanSnap. With your papers, business cards, magazine clippings neatly organised as digital data, say goodbye to messy desks and filing cabinets, and hello to easy information searches.



fi Series

fi Series scanner solutions from Fujitsu support enterprises with leading edge document imaging technology Business document scanners need to digitise large quantities of documents including contracts, public documents, and bills of receipt at high speeds for maximum efficiency. Fujitsu fi-series Image Scanners are the most suitable to meet this demand.


SP Series

SP Series scanners deliver simple operation and reliable performance for professional use. Versatile. Entry point into professional document management Resourceful. Purpose built with impressive software suite for efficiency gains Reliable. Intuitively & dependably converts physical documents to digital format Convenient. Simple and easy to use design, ideal for desktop placement.







Introducing the very latest scanners from Fujitsu

The brand new ScanSnap iX1500 & the fi-7300NX

The all new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

Wireless Desktop Scanner

Ideal for individuals or small teams wanting a simple way to improve personal productivity by quickly digitising and automatically organising their paperwork.

Fujitsu introduces the fi-7300NX

The new image scanner for Flexible Distributed Capture

Seamless integration into business systems. Scan without the computer. Scan from your smart device to any business platform. 3 types of SDK to suit user aenvironments.

Fujitsu Scanning Software

ScanSnap Home

ScanSnap Home is a software specially designed for ScanSnap scanners*, assisting you to easily manage, edit, and utilise various types of scanned data. Combining all your favorite functions, it enables you to organise your documents, receipts, business cards, photos and much more all in one application.

*ScanSnap Home is compatible with ScanSnap iX1500, iX500, iX100, S1300i, S1100i and SV600.


Quickly find that recipe or meeting agenda that you stored last week with easy access tags.


Keep track of your spending habits each month so that you can check back whenever you desire.

Business Cards

Contact whoever you need right away with the software organising captured data according to company name and much more.


Create an original album and share important memories with your family and friends.

PaperStream IP

Built on TWAIN / ISIS standards, PaperStream IP is the scanner driver for Fujitsu fi-series image scanners. With its advanced black and white and colour processing, a range of documents can be automatically and easily converted into image data suitable for complex post capture processing -producing for example highly accurate OCR results.

Document Scanning Software for higher productivity

ABBYY™ FineReader™ Sprint – Creates searchable files from your paper documents, allowing you at a later date to find your information easier The scanned data can be converted to searchable PDF or office documents such as Microsoft® Word to be utilised in day to day work tasks. The OCR processing is able to handle 190 languages, which means it is an especially valuable feature in a mixed-language environment. Presto!™ PageManager™ - Making it easy to scan, share, and organise your documents and files Turn paper into organised digital documents. Everybody in an office can quickly learn and use it. Presto!™ PageManager™ works with your SP Series scanners to turn paper documents into organized digital documents. You can create, write, and open PDF files without file conversion or other applications. You can split multiple page PDF files into separate files or merge several PDF files into one. You can group your files, stack your files, or spread them out.

Talk to Northamber, the award-winning document management experts on 020 8296 7010