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We are proud to support our vendors and keep our customers up-to-date with events and webinars scheduled over the next coming months.


Grow your sales with ScanSnap, understand their key target markets and customer profiles

Join Fujitsu on their next webinar where they will take an indepth look at their recently launched ScanSnap models the ScanSnap iX1400 and ScanSnap iX1600 and their latest promotions. Fujitsu will explore the features and where they sit in the ScanSnap range as well as discussing the market opportunities available and key conversations to help you grow your sales.

Wednesday 3rd March 09:30am


The VIA Experience 2021

Join us for the next instalment of The Via Experience. We will show you all the latest developments within our Collaboration and UC technologies, and take you through the latest user experience. Learn about how to integrate the Via devices into your environment, and we'll also host a live Q&A.

Wednesday 3rd March 10:30am


Choosing a Load Balancer: A Buyer's Guide to Success

It can be challenging to navigate the feature functionality and support requirements one needs to meet when selecting the right load balancing solution for their network. This webinar provides a step by step guide to help navigate users through the process of understanding their application requirements, identifying their load balancing needs to meet these requirements, and selecting the right set of features to optimize application experience [AX].

Wednesday 10th March | 3pm


Firebox M Series - Best practice advice & configuration to protect against zero day threats & Ransomware

WatchGuard's Rackmount M Series Firebox appliances with fast performance are ideal for midsize and distributed enterprise organizations. The Total Security Suite includes all services offered with Basic Security Suite plus advanced malware protection, data loss protection, enhanced network visibility capabilities, a secure access portal, and the ability to take action against threats from our network visibility platform.

Thursday 11th March | 10am-11am


An Introduction to Kramer Control

Kramer Control is the go-to control solution for many integrators, due to its ease of configuration and simple scalability. Join us for a technical overview of Kramer Control, and an introduction to designing a system. This webinar is the perfect pre-cursor to the Kramer Academy certification on Kramer Control.

Wednesday 17th March 10:30am


Panda Data Control and Systems Management - Remote Monitoring & Management

Discover & protect sensitive data across endpoints & manage and support devices whether they are in the office or remote. Data Control discovers and protects personal and sensitive data. It is designed to help organizations comply with data protection regulations including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.  Systems Management is the easy way to manage, monitor, maintain and support all your organization’s devices whether they are in the office or remote.

Thursday 25th March | 10am-11am


AV Fundamentals

In this webinar we talk about the core AV technologies that you're likely to come across as an integrator. We focus on the different types of technologies used, and the considerations involved when adding them into a design. This aims to guide you through the Kramer product range and demystify some of the terms used in AV.

Wednesday 31st March 10:30am


New Products 2021

We've been busy introducing new products into our range throughout 2021. Whether you've been working from home or been furloughed, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up with the most recent developments from Kramer Electronics whether hardware, software or firmware.

Wednesday 14th April 10:30am