As a global provider of uninterruptible power supplies, CertaUPS backup power solutions have been designed and engineered to the highest quality and performance standards. Drawing on over 25 years of manufacturing experience, CertaUPS has an unparalleled knowledge of the emergency power market from design through to unwavering quality, adaptability and affordability, making them perfectly placed to support the industry with industry leading warranties and technical support. Starting at 800VA, all of the power protection solutions from CertaUPS have been manufactured to the highest technical specifications and encompasses a collection of both tower and rackmountable systems up to 30kVA.


As one of the most practical and compact UPS solutions available on the market, the CertaUPS C60, 800VA is compatible with most operating systems. Boasting intuitive monitoring software, the C60 provides safe shutdown in the event of an extended power failure and automatic start up when power is restored. The intelligent UPS is ideal for CCTV, EPOS and PC workstations with separate surge protected outlets and USB connectivity and HID functionality.

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Perfect for supporting critical loads, the C200 produces a pure sinewave output and include an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) ideal for small office networks, CCTV, EPOS and alarm systems.
800 – 2000VA Line interactive


C400 and C400R (rack mountable)

Taking up only 2U in height, the C400R is a compact, ergonomic rack mountable and floor standing design making it an ideal fit for many server cabinets. Affordable, functional and reliable, the C400R also features high efficiency up to 95% and 0.9 output power factor.
1000 – 3000VA Online double conversion


C500 and C500R (rack mountable)

The C500 can be installed with internal batteries removing the need for external battery cabinets on standard run times to maximise valuable floor space. With a wide input voltage window and potential for future expansion or redundancy, the C500 is ideal for server rooms and small data centre environments.
6 – 10kVA Online double conversion



The C60 range is one of the most practical and compact UPS solutions available. Compatible with most operating systems, the intuitive monitoring software provides safe shutdown in the event of an extended power failure with the UPS automatically restarting when power is restored.
800 – 2000VA Online double conversion



CertaUPS is committed to always being ahead of the curve in terms of power protection technologies, which allows it to deliver leading edge solutions that meet not just the demands of our partners and their clients today but also anticipate those of the future.


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