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Matrox Extio F2208 Dual Monitor KVM Optical Extender / XTO2-F2208F

Stock Code: SD0G6E72

High Performance, Dual Monitor KVM Optical Extender High performance, zero compression KVM optical extension up to 1 km from the PC1 Supports up to 2 displays (DisplayPort™, Digital, or Analog) from a single appliance, fiberoptic cable and workstation2 Independent and stretched mode support for 2x1 configurations Combine two Matrox PCIe interface cards, Matrox Extio F2208, Extio F2408, plus Extio F2408E Expander units to drive up to 16 DisplayPort and/or DVI displays, keyboard, mouse, audio and up to eight additional USB 2.0 ports at up to 1 km from the PC Clone multiple displays in two separate remote locations across two fiberoptic cables, while also stretching desktops Max. resolution of 2560x1600 (DisplayPort), & 1920x1200 (Digital, Analog) per display Fiberoptic connection allows raw, uncompressed data to travel between the remote host system and the userside Extio F2208 appliance, resulting in unmatched HD resolution support and uncompromised workstation performance Designed for process control rooms, dispatch centers, and other missioncritical environments that require stable, reliable I/O extension technology Flexible connectivity with 5x USB 2.0 ports for keyboard, mouse, touch screens and other HIDs BIOS Level Keyboard Support enables basic keyboard functionality and access to the system BIOS directly from the userside Extio F2208 appliance Extio Setup Utility (BIOS Level Configuration & Diagnostics) to verify and/or configure the fiberoptic transceiver, link status, USB ports, hardware mapping and device password protection Matrox Appliance Integrity Scanner to log device hardware/firmware configurations Matrox Appliance Configuration Utility to field upgrade firmware to take advantage of the latest features Wake from sleep/standby by pressing any keyboard key with select systems Passive cooling (heat sink with no fan) for silent operation and extra reliability PCI Express x1 fiberoptic interface card (Part # XTO2AFESLPAF) sold separately Extensive operating system support for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux Intuitive and easytouse Matrox PowerDesk 3.0 multidisplay configuration and desktop management software Hardware included3 Matrox Extio F2208 remote graphics unit 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters Universal, external, 12voltDC, 5amp, power adapter Power supply cable for various regions (North America / Japan, UK, Continental Europe, Australia) Software included 32/64bit Matrox drivers for a variety of Microsoft® Windows® desktop/workstation/server operating systems, and Linux (a detailed list is available here). Matrox PowerDesk 3.0 (driver interface and utilities) 1 Extio F2208 ships with multimode transceivers supporting a maximum distance of 400m (1312). Single Mode upgrade kit (Part # XTO22SMTXF) to support distances above 400m (1312) and up to 1 km (3280) sold separately. 2 Digital support via 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters included with Extio F2208. Analog support via DisplayPort to Analog (VGA) adapters available from 3rd party vendors. Contact Matrox for details. 3Fiberoptic cable and Matrox PCIe x1 interface card sold separately.

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