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Lindy 1200m Fibre Optic DisplayPort 1.2 Extender

Stock Code: LINDC660

£2,012.27 ex VAT

Extends DisplayPort 1.2 signals up to 1200m over a single duplex LC cable Supports resolutions up to 4K UHD 3840x2160@60Hz Uncompressed transmission for lossless video output HDCP and EDID passthrough to ensure maximum compatibility 2 year warranty

The Lindy 1200m Fibre Optic DisplayPort 1.2 Extender is the professional solution for extending DP 1.2 signals over increased distances, not possible with traditional copperbased systems, using a single standard LC duplex singlemode (9/125µm) fibre optic cable.

Support for the DisplayPort 1.2 specification allows for the transmission of highly detailed 4K UHD resolutions, without any compression, ensuring content is visually lossless at the display side. Video content can be seen with enhanced brightness, greater contrasts and a much wider colour gamut, perfect for creating eyecatching digital signage in retail, viewing detailed information in real time operation centres or when delivering engaging and immersive educational presentations in lecture theatres. HDCP passthrough also means that protected 4K content including movies and TV shows can be viewed without issue.

As opposed to the use of copperbased extension systems, the use of fibre optic cable also ensures immunity to RF and EMI via galvanic isolation and high resistance, providing a stable signal in ‘noisy’ retail or industrial environments which can have a high interference from electronics. Premium metal housing on both units provided an additional layer of immunity to interference.

With the ability to extend signals up to 1200m the extender provides huge installation flexibility. The transmitter can be easily connected to a variety of DP source devices such as media players or PCs in a convenient location, while the receiver can be placed in a suitable viewing area along with a 4K display or projector. This set up is ideal for larger distribution distances in sports stadiums, event arenas, or travel hubs where control and monitoring centres are located away from the action.

In addition, the power supply is connected via a screw type DC jack, providing a more secure and reliable connection, perfect for professional installations where accidental disconnections could create a major issue.

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