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Airtame AT-DG2 wireless presentation system HDMI Dongle

Stock Code: AVAIR0001

This is Airtame 2 A bold new solution. A bold new way to use screens Airtame 2 takes huge steps forward in design and functionality, while still being extremely easy to use. We want to empower people in business and education to use screens and projectors to their full potential, and unlock better collaboration. Present wirelessly Share from computers and mobile devices to TVs and projectors wirelessly – supporting full motion video and audio. Digital signage with our native apps Make your screens stand out with our mix of Homescreen integrations. Remote management Manage and monitor all your devices – straight from your desk, across locations and remotely – from Airtame Cloud. The power of Airtame 2 You want the most seamless screen experience possible. We upgraded the components in the Airtame 2 device to give you just that. Good just got better. Stable connectivity 4x the memory of the first generation Airtame (with 2GB RAM) for quicker firmware updates, and driving more complex websites, dashboards and content. Improved wireless reach – no interruptions The state of the art WiFi chip offers 2x more bandwidth for the best connection in the industry. An even more stable wireless connection that allows you to move around a room more freely while you present. A whole new look The new design and form factor makes Airtame 2 a stunning addition to your workspace or school. Faster load times, smoother transitions A more powerful CPU to operate the Airtame 2. Screens that dazzle Full motion and audio capabilities, with 60 frames per second in Full HD for a smooth video experience when mirroring your device. Enhanced security The Kensington Lock slot allows you to physically secure your Airtame 2. Intuitive LED The glowing light indicates the current behavior of your Airtame 2, for ease of use and refined presence in the room. Designed to be seen and recognized The first generation Airtame was a secret agent in the back of your TV. Airtame 2 is a bold and beautiful step forward into the spotlight. You can customize the placement of your Airtame 2 to suit your style. Use the supplied magnetic wall mount to give the Airtame 2 presence in your room and the best network connection. Prefer to keep your Airtame 2 out of sight? Snap it to the back of a TV or on top of a projector using the included magnet mount. Screen mirroring Airtame 2 gives you the opportunity to mirror your entire computer screen to a TV or projector in an intelligent way. From any computer You don’t need adapters, or anything plugged into your computer, just the Airtame connected to your screen, and the Airtame app on your computer. The whole solution is platform agnostic, meaning it will work just as well on Windows as it will on Mac, Linux or Chromebook operating systems. This is perfect for the typical Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments you find in the modern classroom or office. Single Window Sharing Sometimes you only want to share part of your desktop. That’s why we built Single Window Sharing – giving you the power to choose what you want to show on your screen, and what you want to keep concealed. It’s easy for you to select the window you want to share directly from the Airtame app. Once you are up and running, you can keep working on your own screen while everyone keeps looking at your shared window. Present to multiple screens all at once You can share your computer screen to multiple TVs or projectors which are equipped with an Airtame. This is great in larger rooms, like auditoriums or classrooms, where it can be hard to keep people engaged. It’s easy and something you could never do well with a cabled solution. Allinone Cloud management – accessible anywhere The bigger your workplace, the more Airtame 2s you need. Normally, a large AV rollout requires a lot of messy troubleshooting, and this can put a huge strain on your IT support. Not with Airtame Cloud. It’s an IT Admin’s dream. Use apps. Not cables No need to use ugly cables or dongles to connect your devices to screens. The simple Airtame app gives you an overview of all your Airtame enabled screens and allows you to connect in seconds. Easy for guests Dont worry about getting guests up to speed. Customizable onscreen instructions tell them how to connect. They’ll be presenting in no time. Unrivalled security We built Airtame 2 to be secure on your network, as well as in your working environment. Freedom to move, collaborate and switch presenters You don’t need to connect any cables to your devices to get going with Airtame. This means you can throw away all those cables and adapters. You no longer have to be tethered to the front of the room, equipped with an all too short input cable, to present effectively. Present from mobile devices and tablets Airtame 2 is not just for your laptop or computer. Use the Airtame presentation app to show slides from your mobile devices. AirPlay for iOS You have full mirroring functionality with iOS devices. Use AirPlay iOS mirroring to share your entire screen from your iPad or iPhone. Native Airtame app for Android With Android, you can use the Airtame app to showcase individual presentations and images (though not share the whole screen – we are working on it!). An Airtame needs an Aircord The Airtame solution helps you cut the cable clutter from your workspace and work better, but the highend technology behind the product needs power. Every Airtame 2 comes with an Aircord. Aircord was designed to give you maximum flexibility for how you position your Airtame 2, allowing you to get the best possible signal strength. It will work with any TV or projector, and the adhesive seal allows you to easily wall mount your Airtame 2. No need to drill holes into the wall. Setup is easy and quick. Don’t have easy access to a power supply? We’ll soon be shipping our custom PoE (Power over Ethernet) to USB adapter.

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