Swivel Secure

Simple, Secure access to Cloud applications with authentication from Swivel Secure

Learn how Swivel Secure goes beyond standard two factor authentication and provides an advanced and dynamic adaptive authentication platform that can protect all your data, whether on-premise or in the cloud.


Unified User Portal for Cloud Apps

Your customers have users accessing hundreds of cloud apps – but how can they simplify that approach with Single Sign On (SSO) without the costs of an expensive, complex, dedicated solution?
The Swivel Secure Portal takes disparate services and solutions and centralises them onto a single portal page for users, simplifying work processes and increasing productivity while reducing the impact on the IT team. It’s built with common standards, and available as part of the standard Swivel Secure 2FA solution.


Risk Based Authentication

While it’s important to implement 2FA, do your customers hesitate due to the potential impact on the users? Implementing multi-factor authentication at every step can have a negative impact on productivity.

With Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) from Swivel, your customers can adapt the security required for the access needed. This extends from cloud app and VPN access to native Azure/AD integration, and support for ADFS, for a seamless integration to existing infrastructure whether it’s on-premise, private or public cloud.


Authentication for Office 365

Download our datasheet on how, by exploiting the capabilities of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), your customers can deliver both secure and efficient authentication to Office 365 and other cloud services utilising AuthControl Sentry®.


Award Winning Authentication!

At the recent Computing Security Awards, Swivel Secure were delighted to win the award Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year.

Hardware integrations

Whether you have only updated your hardware for your VDI or VPN, or you plan to change your hardware in the next couple of years, make sure your choose a authentication platform that supports your business whatever your network architecture looks like in the future.

Staying one-step ahead

As well as protecting your network, data and applications from unauthorised access,
Swivel Secure also ensure they:

  • Consistently increase their integration portfolio from different vendors.
  • Continually improve user experience on all devices.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of authentication factors including image authenticators using PINsafe® technology.

The potential hidden costs of deploying multi-factor
authentication in your business.

With a sharp rise in cybercrime, it’s a growing concern that irrelevant of size, geography, or industry, your business could be at risk, if you have not taken precautionary measures to protect it.

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Software integrations

Whether you need to login to Office 365, SAP, Salesforce or BOX we have you covered.  Not only do we integrate with hundreds of applications, you can sign-in using single sign-on without compromising security.

Saving you time

The single sign-on (SSO) feature enables you to access all applications with a single login, whether accessing your CRM, ERP system or emails.


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