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USB to Serial

• Serial used to up and download file/program data to CNC machines and scientific equipment

• Perfect for engineers to carry in their tool bag for diagnostics

• 2, 4 & 8 Ports

Ethernet to Serial

• Great for broadcast where Serial is standard

• Security applications

• Can extend over any distance

Ethernet Switches

• Provides the additional Ethernet ports to get devices on the network

• Add on to any ED or ES purchase

• Comes in multiple form factors

Ethernet to I/O

• Connects to machines, sensors, lights, controllers, conveyors and more

• Ideal for monitoring production efficiency –alerts in real time or review later

• Digital or Analogue control and monitoring over Ethernet


*NEW* The BB-400 NeuronEdge

Combining Brainboxes proven IO and serial connectivity with a range of network connections to allow data to flow to the application of your choice. The innovative design uses a Raspberry Pi Compute module and an Arduino to provide edge processing.



8 Digital IO lines & Serial

Works with common 0-30V sensors Sink 0.85 AMP per channel output RS232/422/485 port Bluetooth - for wireless sensors Can be used with other Brainboxes devices.

Industrial Format

Integral DIN mount Colour coded and numbered terminal blocks Heatsink Dual redundant 5-30 VDC power supply.

Multiple ways to Connect

Separate LAN and wider network ports Extendible Wi-Fi antenna Wi-Fi can be used as access point Tap to read settings with NFC.

UPS power management - prevents corruption

Power management system supplying correct voltage to Pi Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) making sure the Pi shuts down cleanly.

Brainboxes Case Study

Made by Global Jet Watch, Oxford University.


Benefits of Brainboxes' Technology Monitor, Control & Report

  • Data from existing equipment - Retro fit, quick and simple to install
  • Compatibility – provides reliable link for all kinds of equipment
  • Integrate machine and IT systems – Industry 4.0/IoT, Scalable – can fit piece by piece
  • Remote or hazardous environments made accessible
  • Upgrade usability, Gain insight, Unlock potential


Brainboxes Battlecard

A useful resource to help you sell Brainboxes to your customers

Case Study

Monitor & Control Heating Systems Remotely

Application Areas

Factories, production lines and plants Connect PLCs, HMIs to servers, PCs and monitoring software

Printing and Laminating

Waste and Environmental

Post Offices & Banking

Food & Beveredge

Energy Monitoring & BMS

Medical & Scientific

Facilities Management & Large Sites

Offshore Oil, Gas & Marine

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