Technology and experience that spans both Industry and I.T.

Hardware meets industrial quality and specification | Compatibility with Open Source Software Development tools | Based in UK –offer full support service to you and your customer

USB to Serial

• Serial used to up and download file/program data to CNC machines and scientific equipment

• Perfect for engineers to carry in their tool bag for diagnostics

• 2, 4 & 8 Ports

Ethernet to Serial

• Great for broadcast where Serial is standard

• Security applications

• Can extend over any distance

Ethernet Switches

• Provides the additional Ethernet ports to get devices on the network

• Add on to any ED or ES purchase

• Comes in multiple form factors

Ethernet to I/O

• Connects to machines, sensors, lights, controllers, conveyors and more

• Ideal for monitoring production efficiency –alerts in real time or review later

• Digital or Analogue control and monitoring over Ethernet

Benefits of Brainboxes' Technology Monitor, Control & Report

  • Data from existing equipment - Retro fit, quick and simple to install
  • Compatibility – provides reliable link for all kinds of equipment
  • Integrate machine and IT systems – Industry 4.0/IoT, Scalable – can fit piece by piece
  • Remote or hazardous environments made accessible
  • Upgrade usability, Gain insight, Unlock potential


Application Areas

Factories, production lines and plants
Connect PLCs, HMIs to servers, PCs and monitoring software

Printing and Laminating

Waste and Environmental

Post Offices & Banking

Food & Beveredge

Energy Monitoring & BMS

Medical & Scientific

Facilities Management & Large Sites

Offshore Oil, Gas & Marine

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