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FC USB Floppy Disk Drive Exter

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Specification Overview

Product Description : Freecom USB Floppy Disk Drive 
Features            : Nowadays, most computers and notebooks 
                      are shipped without a floppy drive. 
                      However, the need for a floppy drive 
                      still exists;the old, trustworthy 3.5" 
                      floppy disk is still one of the most 
                      used media types in the world. Small 
                      files like drivers, software updates,p 
                      atches for operating systems, 
                      anti-virus updates and boot-diskettes 
                      are still being shipped on floppy 
                      disks. Also, a lot of people still 
                      have old text files, spreadsheets, 
                      pictures etc saved on floppy disks. So 
                      there will always come a time when you 
                      need a floppy drive for a software 
                      update, to access some of your old 
                      data, or you need a diskette to 
                      quickly save a small file on. The new 
                      Freecom External USB Floppy Drive is 
                      all that you need. Affordable, easy to 
                      use, lightweight: very portable and 
                      very convenient. Installing the USB 
                      floppy drive could not be easier: Just 
                      plug it into the USB port of your 
                      computer and you're ready to go! The 
                      Freecom External USB Floppy Drive is 
                      also a very cost-effective replacement 
                      for when your existing floppy drive is 
                      broken. Powered through your USB 
                      port,this USB floppy drive gets you up 
                      and running in seconds. 
                      Ultra small, lightweight
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